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The majority of scripts and programs require variables. In shell scripts a variable is often preceeded with a $ when it is used. We will try to use this standard in this wiki as well for simplicity. For example in PPP there are three variables that need to be changed, and they are all identified with a $ at the beginning:

 set device PPPoE:$sis0
 set authname $ISP_userid
 set authkey $ISP_password

In this case you will replace $sis0 with the name of your NIC, we'll assume yours is a rl0 because everyone loved realtek NICs. If the username you have with your ISP is simonp and your password is s1m0nP then you would change the 3 lines to read:

set device PPPoE:rl0
set authname simonp
set authkey s1m0nP