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The rough idea for this site was to create and provide answers to commonly asked questions and those that aren't currently answered online. It is maintained by hackers. If you do not understand a term, look it up at Wikipedia. If you've come here to find answers or examples, hopefully you will find them. If you have an answer or example, we hope that you will leave those as well. Accounts are free, the only reason we require an email address to register here is to prevent the spam bots from hitting our site.

Ideally everything recommended here is free, open source, and works on most operating systems. If you see a page that you could make easier to understand for most readers, or would like to create one that follows this philosophy, please help us out, accounts are free!

You may have also been sent here because you're new to the internet, or would like to learn the etiquette.

A few pages to get you started:

As of Oct 7, 2020, we have surpassed over 14 million successful web requests!

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